My personal health situation was at a crossroads. I was obese; completely out of shape. I lacked energy, and I desperately needed help. I began my search for a good trainer and a nutritionist, and it was extensive! However, I knew the benefits of having a good support system. I found both in Dwayne Brinson and FitNation. › Read more
At 227 lbs, I began working out to lose weight when I was described by a doctor as being "obese". I decided to join the BAC and got a personal trainer. I began working out with weights three times a week and doing cardio. The weight came off and over time, I lost a total of 59 lbs. Throughout this process, I have worked with several personal trainers. However, it wasn’t until I started training with Dwayne that I started to see dramatic results and huge changes in my body composition and physique. It was amazing. › Read more
I never considered myself to have any health problems. I always work out on a regular basis. I was not getting the desired results. I was about 20 pounds overweight and felt I did not have enough upper body strength. My health has improved as I have lost 14 pounds and am feeling stronger. I can definitely notice the additional weight I can lift, and the amount of reps I can do. My core strength has increased dramatically. › Read more
Dwayne and I started working together when I was struggling with a chronic knee injury. I love to play basketball, and my knee was preventing me from playing, which was really frustrating. I came to Dwayne with the goals of weight loss and increasing my fitness while I recovered from the injury. I was hoping that losing weight and getting stronger would put my body in a better position to get back to basketball. The plan worked to perfection. After a couple months of hard work with Dwayne, I lost 20 pounds, and was able to return to playing the sport that I love. › Read more
When I first met Dwayne, life was happening all around me. I had already made some progress with my previous trainer, and was in search of my next health and fitness challenge. After a few sessions with Dwayne, he sparked a new interest in me in regards to health and fitness. And as our sessions continued, I saw the results I was looking for by losing inches and gaining muscle. With Dwayne, my total weight loss reached 65 pounds, and I was back in my "skinny jeans"; that one pair we all have, hoping some day they will fit again! › Read more