Sodexo FitNation Fitness Challenge
Sodexo FitNation Fitness Challenge
Sodexo FitNation Fitness Challenge
Sodexo FitNation Fitness Challenge

A Highly Successful Wellness Program

“FitNation, led by Dwayne Brinson, was an exceptional partner for our local corporate wellness programming. Dwayne and his team brought a catalog of programming options to us that by far offered more flexibility than other wellness companies had offered before. We were able to tailor a FitNation Challenge wellness program for our employees that offered a combination of weight loss, blood pressure monitoring, wellness seminars, physical fitness challenges, and trivia contests. There really was something for everyone to participate in, learn, and get motivated to live a healthier lifestyle. Dwayne and his team were professional and highly motivating. We had 65 participants for a 12 week program and the overall satisfaction rating was 97.5% positive. That is definitely a sign of a successful wellness program and we are thankful for the excellent work by FitNation.”

Scott B.
Senior Director at Sodexo Buffalo Corporate Office

I can’t lose weight

“It had to be my metabolism or that I was too old. I could come up with more excuses than reasons to change. Mondays started with a healthy breakfast, salad at lunch and dinner would be the weekend leftovers; pizza or wings. I could not even make it through one day.

Is this how I wanted to live – walking around with knee pain, squeezing into clothes, and making excuses to avoid social events? Lucky for me, the answer was no.

I made a commitment to put myself first. I connected with a health care coach from Sodexo Lifeworks, attended weekly weight watcher meetings, and most importantly, I signed up for the FitNation fitness challenge.

I had the support of my co-workers each day and attended great seminars given by FitNation. My first weigh-in 6 weeks into the challenge proved I was making a significant change, I had lost 14 lbs. I still remember the smile on Dwayne’s face; he was happy for me.

Now, the true test came. Can I continue or will the weight come back? I relied on the recommendations from FitNation’s weekly newsletters, including the great recipes and exercise tips. I continued to eat smaller meals at least five times a day, drank more water, made better food choices, and best of all, I started exercising.

To my surprise at the end of the challenge I was 25 pounds less. It’s not only the weight lost, my self-confidence is back and so is my health. I feel great. Yes, I have a few more pounds to lose, but now I don’t question if, I know now that it is just a matter of time.

Thanks for everything, FitNation.”

June J
Sodexo Fitness Challenge Participant

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